Here’s a perfect way to photograph & remember your children at their cutest

Create a wonderful looking catalogue style book for your child today, by letting their personality shine and your sense of style take shape, it can only lead to great exciting images.

The fun starts with you and your children by selecting 6 to 8 of your child’s outfits. Hats, shoes, jeans, shirts and dresses, take your pick and help us put together your custom catalogue of your own children.­ When the shoot starts it’s all about relaxing and enjoying the moment. We take our time and there is never a rush in getting the right image, sometimes it’s necessary with our young models and divas.

Once the shoots all over, we begin the fun task of selecting some of your favourites. But if it all gets too difficult to choose, just relax and let us do all the selections for you. All images are then hand edited and lightly retouched and is then sent off to be presented in a beautiful 16×12 coffee book, with 15 pages (30 sides) of your favourite images from the photo shoot.

But if you are still not impressed, then grab yourself the ultra fine 18″x10″ Queensberry album. This comes with a multitude of ways to customise from buckram, silks to leather covers, it’s not only the top of the line but the most gorgeous way to present and store these cherished images.

4″x6″ prints are included free for all images in the book

Book Details

15 pages (30 sides) of beautiful layout design & image editing.

Pick 30 of your most treasured images from the photo shoot.

Pictures are printed on beautifully smooth 230gsm paper stock.

Customise the book to your liking or allow us to design it for you.

Standard 16″x12″ for an impressive size. Also available in square & 12″x12″!

Add text or your favourite quotes to the book for that extra touch.

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