Panorama Drama

Want to give your family portrait a new spice of life? Then look no further. Amaze your friends and family with this unique series which combines artistic cues and photo editing. This makes for a fun filled photo & a one of a kind piece of art to cherish.

Lots of fun, just like our mantra, we get everyone involved in performing to create that unique image. Whether running or jumping, or mum trying to make the kids smile, or dad assisting with the stunts, it’s all there.

As a general rule we usually have 6 people or less in the photo. As this is optimal in editing, printing and creating the final image, but if you want to have more talk to us and let’s see what we can do for you. Bring the relatives or friends along, we encourage you to get everyone into the action. Pets are welcome too!

All our Panorama’s come ready to hang in your home. First we shoot, then we edit/retouch and finally we print and frame.

The standard Panorama consists of:

• Photographic session.
• Image and colour editing
• Standard 2 inch black frame
• 2 inch matte border
• 84cm wide panoramic print and frame.
*total size with frame approximately 100cm

Special Series

Taking creative imagery to the next level, we wanted to created a beautiful series of photos for babies that would really stand out among the rest. These series all have a special unique theme created specifically for them, from applying different elements or using custom props. Even the shoot itself is unique as we use some clever photography and digital editing techniques to create the work. Our aim is to give you the most beautiful and compelling images that we can creatively imagine.

All of our special series artworks also come finished and framed, ready to be hung in the home. These pieces were meant to be showcased in the family home for all to see.

Keeping our ideas fresh and original, we are always constantly inspired and striving to come up with great ideas. So if you have a child that has recently come into our world, and want the most original images, than don’t look past one of our special series. Contact us today and find out what we can come up with for you.

Take a look at some of our special series below, and there is more in the gallery.

We offer gift vouchers too.

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