Baby Andre

The very cute Andre shows you how it’s done!

Recently i had chance to meet the younger brother of Nicholas from one of our previous shoots. Just as cute and good looking as his older sibling if course.

Dressed in a variety of outfits and shot in a warmer tone he brings out the best in these clothes, from simple singlets to funny t shirts he certainly makes them pop.

Not only is he cute, but lets not forget he also has a cheeky smile too. His expressiveness and mood shows how much fun he was to photograph. But then again having experienced is older brothers in the past, it wasn’t a surprise that I got some great shots as they all had the same level of  enthusiasm for the camera, and the photos are definitely proof. 🙂

My favourite of the outfits of course would be the blue hoodie, with the right colours and tone its was a perfect match for him including the pull of the hood for the pose. I guess there is nothing like a good hoodie to bring in the winter. Until my next post enjoy!

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