Nothing like a splash of Pink!

This one is a really cool special series we came up for baby Amaya. We had always wanted to create this set for sometime but working out how it was going to be shot and edited was the major challenge. Being that it involved paint we just knew it had to be strong and colourful. The star and subject itself for these images was the beautiful Amaya and the paint was to be her friend.

The shoot itself was one of the harder ones that we have ever put together, controlling the splashes and making the paint work the way we wanted was really difficult. And on top of that the editing was one of the longest sessions we’ve ever put together. But was it worth it? It sure was!

The results speak for themselves and were a good match with what we had initially envisioned up in our minds. The colours, the paint & finally baby Amaya’s happy looks combined to create these fun filled photos. These pictures were printed, framed and ready to hang on the wall, to be showcased in the home for years to come.

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