Halloween Marionette

How are you dressing for Halloween?

So I’m proud to introduce to you a special photo series created for Halloween this year. Its an amazing series brought to me by the fabulous team @dangclan & @littlenuggets, a fun collaboration with some popular Instagram kids. They pitched the idea of creating a Halloween themed marionette, which sounded fantastic, since it was an idea i hadn’t come up with. The marionettes were to be played by the kids and to have each one of them play a particular puppet based on their clothing.

I straight away jumped at the chance to help create this as i knew a great lighting setup that would really achieve the Halloween Marionette vibe. Something a little darker and a little more puppet stage like to showcase them.

The clever part about all this was the use of outfits, as they were to create a Halloween theme based off the clothing provided by Rock Your Baby. They did a great job using the outfits, as it really fit each character. Take a look below and enjoy the cast!

The images turned out perfectly, with the lighting help create the scene and atmosphere. The subtle spot lighting and the dark background creates this beautiful effect, giving the full mood and dark nature of Halloween and puppetry. Not only did the lighting help but of course having the kids doing a wonderful job at playing their characters and posing so perfectly, it didn’t take these professional models long to get into the action and give me a wonderful on camera performance. Not too many shots were needed at all to get these beautiful poses either.

These images turned out better than i had hoped for, it was great fun creating this series and I had a total blast working with these professional kids. I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have, be sure to check out the collaborators too on Instagram and send them some love… @dangclan, @littlenuggets, & @rock_your_baby

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