Vu Family Memoirs

Its good to look back through the years especially with your family.

It’s projects like these that get me really excited, generally when I’m able to visualise the final imagery or the results of a project, it motivates me to start creating. In this case it was when initially discussing with Austin (the young gentleman in the gray suit) about what we could do in terms of providing a nice gift for his mothers birthday.

The idea of a family album was a great way to look back at their lives as a whole, but doing it with a very modern and contemporary flavour in addition with his family photos and some personal text too. I went with black and white images to give their portrait images longevity and a classic look. So when they look back from years to come it would give them an elegant appeal.

I had created a nostalgic album for a family member once before and remembered how effective that turned out to be. They were really touched with the results. The efforts put forth into collecting, scanning and designing a book around the history of someone was quiet riveting, as it was a deep look into their past.

As the book turned out, I felt it was a truly well designed and thought out family memoir. With the help of Austin he was able to help me give life and a unique personality to the book. Crediting his touch and design elements, these worked very well. The old images of his family sprinkled among the text and the contemporary photographs gave it so much weight, with candid images that were filled with so much love and fun.

As a birthday present this was a very sentimental gift & truly beautiful one. I hope to be able to create more of these ‘Family Memoirs’ in the near future.

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