Sleep it out like Owen on a ball of wool.

Here was a chance for me to work on some new ideas like this wool ball, I haven’t really concentrated much on newborns, but when ideas and opportunities meet I can’t help but try and pull them off. Owen at 3 and half weeks old was already starting to get big and time was short to get props together. Our idea this time was to create a big yarn of wool, it was to be the main element of our photograph, one that was larger than any regular one you would have ever seen in your local store. One of the hardest parts of this shoot would definitely have been building the ball. I’ll let you guess how long it actually took to build but once that was created everything came together quite nicely, even with the outfit from excess wool we had. Shooting was great, we tried positioning in many different positions, traditional poses and popular poses you normally see but this one in particular looked perfect and suited him very much.

It’s finished images like these that make the effort such a worthwhile task. Being able to translate what’s in my mind and to see it materialise is my favourite reason for being a photographer.

wool ball baby owen studio photographer castle hill sydney
wool ball baby owen studio photographer castle hill sydney
wool ball baby owen studio photographer castle hill sydney

Take a look at the finished image with frame and matte. It was an excellent fit with the matching purple frame. The colour coordination of ball, Owens outfit and the background creates this wonderful consistency in the photos. Not only this when its actually hanging up against the wall, it really pops. Especially against a white wall it really looks great with its contrasting purple theme. Hope you have enjoyed this post and check out some more creative work in the main gallery. For more info on this type of work see the “Special Series” page.

custom framing photography castle hill sydney
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