Heres a series that I have come up with our little buddy Charlie.

I must say a big thanks to his mum for being brave enough to try out my new concept. It can be quiet hard to pitch ideas sometimes, especially when trying to translate and visualising the image to the client. Sketches do help in a big way, but it doesn’t necessarily do it justice, especially when it looks so good in my mind. 🙂 But thankfully my idea was brought across and Charlie’s mum was willing to try.

The concept was to use the brilliant colours from satin, i knew this would give beautiful life to the images with young Charlie. I wanted to have these colours engulf around him, when either sleeping or wide awake sitting up.

As for the result it did work out as I wanted it… but not without plenty of hours of trial and error, some new found set tricks and a lot of hair pulling involved! I’m glad the results were achieved.

In terms of the composition I decided to go with satin colours to create punch. I knew that hanging these 3 images on the wall would brighten up any home, especially using strong contrasting colours and picking the right poses. Hope you enjoy the 3 image series as much as did creating them, til my next post.

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