Baby Leo

Smiling & sleeping is a great combination.

Sometimes you get the pleasure of photographing all the kids. In this case its baby Leo, the new addition to the family. We were lucky enough to have had the chance to photograph his older brother a couple of years back, specifically baby Ky, check out his gallery here.

We went for something that was quiet similar to his brothers original shoot and without copying it directly either. But still focusing on nice black & white images and having it work along side the coloured ones.

We wanted a series of beautiful black and white images that would really show some intimate moments with mum and dad. Much more candid and personal with these ones as we got them to interact with  their little one. So the focus was much more on the nice lighting and angles for us, creating for minimalist style images.

Having is older brother involved gave us some really sweet images. We generally didn’t need him to direct him much with his brother but allowed him to focus on his younger sibling on his own terms. So short conversations and watching his brother sleep was enough for some cute images. Sometimes its just easier to allow kids to do their own thing. 🙂

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