The Scott Family

Balloon fun with the Scott family!

So finally, here is another cool variation of the balloons featuring the Scott family. A lot of times people are surprised to find out how much fun it is at the photo shoot itself. Definitely not your typical sit down photograph, but requiring a lot more physical work and acting to create these wonderful images. Its a totally different way of taking a photograph and is certainly much more enjoyable than you would ever think, lots of laughs and silliness occurring inside the studio walls.

But with the final image aside, its actually performing for the camera that is the unique part of creating these panorama images. You are experiencing first hand the most important part of the creative process, which i feel should also be as cherished as much as the image itself. All the work involved in making this isn’t just relying on my thoughts, camera and editing work but don’t forget its also your efforts.

Nice, simple, fun, and looks beautiful on the wall. Overall a great experience and a nice piece of artwork for the home. Til my next post, enjoy!

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