Its a brand new special series. Origami with baby Violet!

This is definitely by far one of my favourite shoots. There was plenty of work involved in prior to producing these final images, with months of planning and testing involved to make sure all would go well on the day of the shoot. On top of all this, learning how to make origami was another fun experience which was a major part of the process, involving a lot of paper and miniature origami swans for testing, with various versions of origami swans and boats to match.

What you see is what you get. These are actually life sized Origami made to go along with baby Violet and the boat. Even the reeds were made from paper and created to be the correct size alongside the boat.

Baby Violet gave me a wonderful performance with her modelling, providing me with pretty much all the poses and expressions we needed for the images. There were other wonderful photographs of her that we were unable to use for the final images. But she had some great smiles in alot of them. I’m glad we had some here to use for the cover shot and on the boat. And i was really grateful her parents were so patient too. 🙂

As always baby Violet was the main star, alongside her origami swan friends. It was always about her peacefully cruising alongside them and the beauty of the bright misty scene on the water. The smooth whites and paper colour providing the overall tone, the white water for tranquility and the violet blanket representing our star baby Violet.

Thanks again and hope you have enjoyed this series. Til my next post, have a great one!

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