The girl with the prettiest eyes!

Definitely one of the easiest and prettiest little baby girls i have shot. Gorgeous eyes and nose she makes for the most photogenic portraits. All her shots turned out great, even the ones that were questionable she even made them look good. Just a cute face on all levels.

What makes her so special too was her level of playfulness, she gave me so much to work with in terms of her looks and her poses. Always smiling and laughing, it didn’t take much for her to interact in front of the camera. Now that we are also heading towards summer, Lucia’s outfits were a good choice to go with the warm image tone and for this particular post (even though she was shot earlier in the year). With a range of summer themed outfits, she really shines and her warm personality comes through.

Her big and beautiful eye are only a reminder for me of the photos I took of her older brother a number of years ago. Which if you have had the opportunity to visit our studio, you would definitely notice those big eyes from her brother hanging proudly on our wall. Hope you have enjoyed Lucia’s pictures and until my next post, have a great one!

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