Baby Kieran

Got something to smile about? Celebrate with baby Kieran….

I photographed Kieran a while back now, but this particular cover portrait that i took of him is one of my favourites amongst many and his picture actually resides in the studio as one of the feature framed images. The cheerful smile and pose really makes his image pop.

But I think what also makes this image work really well is the way he is actually dressed, the colours and tones selected by mum worked really well. I believe when it comes to dressing your child or anyone for that matter, coordination plays such a big role in making the image. The oranges and browns from the t-shirt work flawlessly with his brown overalls, adding with the subtle hints of orange from the embroidered lion. So my tip is to make sure when you are preparing for a photo or being part of a photo shoot, that you take your colours into account and not to make it such a random choice.

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