Baby Ky

Introducing Ky to the world!

Only 10 days old I had the great opportunity to photograph baby Ky in his most peaceful moments.  It was a fun & long shoot, mum and dad were wonderfully patient as I could compose a series of different images. Hes a very cute little guy, with mums nose (as you will see later) and dads strong features, being that this little prince is their first child the interaction between mum, dad and baby was beautiful.

Going for simple shots with some continuous lighting I thought it would create some very beautiful black and white shots matched with nice coloured images. Only black and white could provide that elegant tone that can be applied in so many different ways, and the coloured images themselves were also warm, providing that soft colour and temperature that would match the nice cosy wraps and blankets that he was sleeping in.

From the wrapped shots, we got to shoot with one of grandma’s special hand knitted blankets that was given as a gift. This element was a must as it was made especially for baby Ky, adding a very sentimental touch to the photographs. We also moved to photos with Ky nude. Using dads warm body heat, Ky was at his most comfortable in his dads arms, which was really special to see for a first time father.

Here are some more of shots from this shoot, too many to pick from as always. I’ve also included one of my all time favourite images that was used for our Mother’s Day Facebook photo post. Until my next post, enjoy the images!

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