Baby William

Baby William shows us how to take a great photo with mum and dad!

I got the chance to take a black and white series of photos recently with baby William and his parents. The first challenge of this series was the prerequisite of having 3 panoramic vertical images to fill the home, as they had bit of space to fill with some beautiful artwork. I personally thought it was a great idea to do some vertical panoramic style images and something that had never crossed my mind previously. With that in focus we had to come up with some ideas on how to fill the composition vertically and make the images work together.

So William being the first born and on the year of the dragon, we thought it was a fitting way to start off  a photo with dad and have him revealing his tattoo of a dragon. Held up in dads strong arms, William gladly smiled his way through some shots until we got this one you see here on the cover.

The rest of the series followed suit from there, making for a very relaxing shoot for us all. William himself had a relatively calm demeanor when his portrait was taken, but when it was time for his mum’s shot, he worked himself to good laughter which conveniently worked for the series and his particular portrait with her.

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