Chloe & Erin

Always eager to be in front of the camera!

The shoot for these two lovely little ladies started at the ‘Butterfly blue gifts’ fan page on Facebook last year. I was contacted and told of the unfortunate close passing of baby Damien James. Mum, dad and sister were going to lose their precious new born to ‘chromosome 9 ring’ disorder which is an extremely rare condition in which there is a loss of a chromosome material, this of course led to complications in his early life. To add to this the family was also under extreme financial difficulty from a series of other predicaments which made life even more tougher for them. The fundraisers were looking for business’s to donate to, which I happily agreed to do my part for the charity to go to the support of their family in such a difficult period. I wanted to help and offered a catalogue book photo shoot towards the auctions.

Erin and Chloe were the lucky winners of the auction, thanks to their mums generosity towards the auction. Here are the wonderful images of these two beautiful sisters.

The girls themselves were great as they were one of the most active girls and keen girls I’ve shot. The clothing they wore really gave it a nice warm tone from pastel colours to bright multicolored outfits which really suited their looks. Their playful nature made it so smooth and fun as they were eager to get in front of the camera each time there was an outfit change. It really shines in the images as they gave me a variety of looks. 🙂

I was really pleased and happy with the results and i hoped the girls and mum enjoyed the shoot as well. Their look and poses they gave made the images look so loving, and level of playfulness that only sisters could provide. When I was going over the images for the book I could really see the personality of both sisters.

Until my next post. Enjoy! And wishing love and support for the James family.

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