Mum’s 60th Birthday

On the recent subject of family portraits, here is mine!

This is something special i decided to do for my mum’s 60th birthday a few months prior. All these years as a photographer, I never really had an opportunity to shoot a nice portrait with her and the family. Her 60th was coming up and we decided it was the right time for hair and makeup and getting ourselves outside our boxes.

In my culture a 60th birthday is a very important milestone, just like 21st birthdays are for a lot of us. So being children it was our responsibility to setup and organise a fun filled birthday bash for mum, this of course included a photo-shoot. Our good friend Elizabeth assisted us with the hair and makeup, giving mum that classic look. I find that it always helps to really make yourselves look a little different to the usual self to create a nice portrait.

So for the group image we didn’t just want to do a regular group family portrait, I thought something elegant was in order. Being that I’m constantly inspired by TV and magazines, we went with something you might find from TV show promos and group photos. Its a different approach to the normal happy group photograph, something i would even say has a more serious and sophisticated tone to it. This was certainly fun to think of and put into action, with the final results now hanging up at home. 🙂

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