The Family Portrait

So how big is your family? And have you ever considered taking a big group photo?

I got the opportunity recently to take a large family portrait consisting of 14 people, my biggest ever. They needed a nice gift for grandma’s birthday and decided on a beautiful group photograph consisting of children and grandchildren. The results looked great with everyone dressed consistently in simple denim and white tops. The final result was a beautifully framed photo that is proudly hanging in grandma’s home.

Taking a large group shots can be harder than most people believe. “Why so?” You might ask…Well a lot of people may not realise but attempting to get everybody to smile and to not blink at the same time isn’t as easy as it seems. 🙂 Add to the mix temperamental children that may not be in the mood for a photo, or getting impatient just waiting around for the shot; all these can complicate things even more so. But it’s no problem for us!

So how big is your family? And why not get a large group photo today. We can accommodate families of all sizes!

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